Understanding and Hooking up a Radar Detector

9Are you facing problems with speeding? Well, that’s something everybody faces nowadays. The world is getting faster day by day and getting from one place to another quickly has merely become a necessity to people. However, the laws aren’t something that don’t support this and hence everyone ends up with a speeding ticket. With hundreds of speeding tickets that costs you a fortune, why not take a smart solution and make the way out in a smarter manner? Well, yeah and getting a radar detector is one of those things.

Any smart person can agree with the fact that the best radar detectors under $100 are a smarter solution to getting traffic tickets each day. What do these radar detectors do? Radar detectors are small devices that can get hooked up to any car very easily and can cause you to save on a lot. So how, exactly does all this work? Well, it’s pretty simple all you have to do is find the right one hooked up on your car. Hooking it up actually isn’t all that of a problem. All you will have to do is make sure that it is attached to your car with two basic wires that you can see from the back. Well, that’s something you need to take care of and that’s something you have to understand.

Security of your car at all times

Now that you’ve hooked it up let it to the magic while you relax. All you’ll have to do is make sure that it’s on and it will alert you whenever you’re being tracked. This is something that gets you out of trouble when you’re speeding unexpectedly. It’s actually pretty okay to speed up a little, however, it will be problematic for you if you aren’t responsible.

3 Tips For Marketing Your Church Effectively at Trade Shows

7You may be considering marketing your church for a number of reasons: more parishioners, more donations, or simply to spread the word of God. Trade shows are a great way to get the word out about your church and the benefits of attending your sermons and events – but how do you go about marketing your church effectively? Read on to discover a few tips and tricks to make the best of your trade show visit.

  1. Know Your Work Area.


  • When you arrive at the trade show, scout the area where you’ll be setting up your booth or table. See how much room you have to work with.
  • Remember that the way you present your booth is the key to attracting visitors. Imagine yourself as the customer: What would draw you in to talk to these booth attendants? What sort of colors, arrangements, and goodies would you like to see? Chances are that you’re imagining bright church signage with sharp graphics. You’d want to be able to peruse information at your own pace, as well as have time to speak with the booth attendants if you have any questions. Keep this in mind as you plan your set-up, and ensure there’s plenty of room for visitors to read and chat.
  1. 4Display Church Signage and Marketing Materials Strategically.


  • Your church’s name and contact information should be clearly displayed on the church signage. Are you on social media? Put up your Facebook and Twitter page addresses. Are you on Youtube? Set up a television behind you and play some of your greatest hits. These bright, moving graphics will catch the eyes of passers-by. Along with an array of brochures, key chains, figures, or other informational material, you’ll have a number of talking points and contact information at hand to keep your visitors interested – and keen to contact you again.


  1. Follow Up After the Show.


  • Just as important as interacting with people during the trade show is contacting them after the event. Convert your leads to sales by emailing your interested customers, or even giving a phone call to those who were particularly interested. Making a lasting impression will make your prospects much more likely to return for your business.

Marketing your church doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Display your church signage proudly and take interest in your contacts. You’ll soon enjoy increased interest in your place of worship!



Church Banners, Church Banner Stands

The Sign Says: “Here We Are!” Whether you’re advertising your roadside business or taking your show on the road, you need inexpensive signs. You need signs that say to your prospective clientele that you are right where they want to be so that they to pay you a visit that pays off. But while you want something effective to do the job well, don’t make the mistake of overdoing it. All the sign needs to do is look good is say where you are. So what is the clincher here?

1The Sign Must Be Seen, So It Better Be Standing! Church Banners, and the stands that come with them are the essential elements for success. They are simple and sturdy and will last past the season. How many sales will drive right past if your sign falls over? How long will you keep your focus at a show if your sign keeps caving in on its cheap stand?

Simple, Sturdy Church Banners do What Signs are Supposed to Do. They signal where to go-past the sign-to your product. Most people think they need to spend a lot of money to out-do their competition and will spend a lot on a fancy sign. Graphics are important, but a sign shouldn’t distract them from seeking to get to you. The purpose of the banner is to get people to go see what the banner steers them to-you, your service, or your product.

A Brief Church Banner History. Church Banners, in the literal sense, are set up on Sunday mornings and then taken down. So many church services take place in public buildings that are used for other things during the week, so permanent signage isn’t an option. Mounting temporary signs on utility poles in usually illegal. Church banners were designed to meet advertising needs without breaking sing ordinances.

Church Banners Have the Features Your Business Needs. Since church banners and stands are considered mobile and are easily removable, no special permits are required to put them up for advertising by the road. And at a show, the sturdy banner and stand set won’t fall over. They can be collapsed and stored in a small space, and can be carried in a car, set up and taken down by one person and in a short amount of time. Many banners are retractable right into their stands.

16Buying Your Church Banners. Google Church Banners and Stands and countless options appear at your fingertips. Many better vendors can also be contacted by phone. It is advantageous to be able to have a live conversation with a representative, especially if you are having the signage on the banners made by the same vendor. Do be prepared for a lead time of weeks to months for signs to be made.

Don’t Overspend. $200 will get you access to many size and shape options for your church banners, including durable outdoor banners. Unless your needs are especially unique it doesn’t pay to spend more.

Should You Do Church Marketing?

8Some churches may shy away from marketing. They may think that it should not be part of our churches. They may feel that their faith is above marketing. However, the truth is we are always marketing ourselves whether it is intentional or not.

A church who says they do not market themselves just does not realize that the picture they are painting in their community may be a slightly negative one. Or perhaps it is one that says they do not care whether people come to their church or not. Everyone knows that a church would not want to be off-putting now would they not like it if they knew that people are getting the wrong idea.

So why not market ourselves correctly? Some churches may worry that intentional marketing is too expensive. They do not want to waste their tithe on having to market. However, if you do it right and invest wisely, you can find that it is worth your investment.

Ways to Market Your Church:

There are many ways to market your church, some more easy than others and some more expensive than others. One of the ways, Media Marketing, can be a little pricey. You may have to be purchase a spot on the radio or television. This may be effective but for smaller churches, it may not be worth it for the price they would have to pay.

The other way, print marketing can encompass many different things from flyers to church advertising flags.

Flyers can be simple to do and can be done at the office or at a local printing store. Church advertising flags, church signs and church flag banners may take a little more research and investment.

Where do you buy church flag banners and other church marketing tools?

5Promotional flags can be made at many different print companies. Sometimes the best choice is a local company in your area. Some places may have a discount for non-profits. Do not forget to mention that you are a 501©3 company.

There are also online stores where you can order and purchase something to print. However, if this is your first time, make sure you talk to an actual person rather than doing it all online.

As you are looking at options, it is important to determine where you would hang your church advertising banner and how big you would want to make it. Do you want it to be one that you plant in the front like a big church flag banner? Do you need it to be weatherproof or will this be a banner that is hung inside not outside.

9Different kinds of church advertising flags

There are many different styles of flags.

  • Wind Banners: These stand up vertically and are hung on a pole. This pole is then planted near the entrance of the church (or wherever there is grass).
  • A-Frame: Another kind is a folding kind, like a tent. This could be placed on the sidewalk or in your parking lot. This could also be set up vertically on its short end.
  • Banner Stand: Other banners can be printed and inserted into a banner stand cartridge. These are easy to carry and take to different places.
  • Hanging Banners: Others you simply hang on the side of your church either vertically or horizontally. You would have to make sure you can nail into the surface of your wall or if you will need a different type of hook.

Make sure to do your research. One way to do this is to drive around the city and look at other church banners. What stands out to you most? What do you like about what they are doing? Do you feel the church is approachable? What would you do differently? Then drive by your own church. What would be the most effective way to better your image and how you are marketing yourself? Then go from there!

Doing church marketing can be complicated. It can be time-consuming. But once you have your church flag banner waving, you will find that you have put a positive front on your church – kind of like some one smiling when you first meet them.

The Intersection of Marketing and Church Events

315So you have your brilliant idea, and you have found the support you will need to pull it all together.  Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when you are looking to nurture interest in your upcoming church event.  Let’s find your attendees!

What are good ways to market a church event?

  • Lock in the details of your event first. If you are putting together a singles mixer, this requires much different marketing strategies than if you are coordinating a children’s festival.
  • Consider your target audience. Is your mixer targeting individuals in their 20s or in their 60s?  Will the children attending be closer to 4 and 5 years old or 11 and 12 years old?
  • Advertising in your own church bulletin is the first step. You can also set up an event through any of your social media.  There are also websites that will coordinate the RSVPs for you, such as EventBrite.
  • Encourage your congregation members to invite their outside friends and family members so that the word spreads.
  • Church event marketing is not so different from marketing any other event. You want to make sure that you stay true to your vision and ideals, and target your audience appropriately.

What are some of specific tools that work well?

  • Raffles are a great way to garner interest, making sure that the prizes correspond well with the theme and intent of the event.
  • Church banner stands are a huge eye-catcher! I highly recommend getting your banner printed early and place the stand in an easily visible spot in the church so that you can build interest.
  • Create and publish flyers or palm cards that can be easily handed out as congregation members circulate the news.
  • Church feather flags are also a great way to get people’s attention. These are outdoor items so they will even catch the eye of passers-by so that your event can reach a larger audience.

17Check lists make it easy to remember everything

A check list can be an invaluable tool when you are both preparing for and cleaning up after an event.  You want to make sure that you have everything ready beforehand as well as ensuring that you take everything with you afterwards.  Below is a general example of a good check list, but make sure to customize it for your own needs.

  • Your set up equipment – Make sure to itemize your set up equipment such as tables, tablecloths, chairs, music device and speakers, or brochure holders.
  • Your marketing materials – This would include items like your business cards, your brochures, your stickers, or tee shirts.
  • Your office supplies – You can never have enough pens, trust me. But this list also would include notepads, mailing lists, clipboards, markers, folders to collect papers, and an extra tote bag in case you have more to carry home than you brought with you.

Make sure that all of your marketing strategies express your enthusiasm for your event and that excitement is what will bring them in!

Flying your Church Banner

11First impressions are important, and not just for meeting people. A first-time visitor to your church will base whether or not he or she returns on his or her first impression of your church.

Imagine just driving by your church. What is the impression the neighbors have of your church? Are you attending conferences? What does your exhibit booth look like? How are you portraying your church?

All this boils down to marketing, and one of the main ways of creating a good first impression of your church is the type of religious banner you are flying.

You may wonder, hey wait a minute, I’m not a marketing, I’m a pastor or a regular church-goer. That’s okay, anyone, with a little knowledge, can find the right church banner for their church.

12What kinds of religious banners are there?

You would be surprised at the variety of banners out there and the variety of religious banner stands they go in!

When you order your banner, you need to make sure you get the right religious banner stand. These can vary in weight and complexity. You may want a heavier one if you are setting your banner up outside. The weight needs to withstand the wind, so it will not be knocked over.

However, if you are planning on taking your banner to events and conferences, you may want a lighter weight religious banner stand that is much more portable and easier to carry around.

  • Wind Banners: These stand up vertically and are hung on a pole. This pole is then planted near the entrance of the church (or wherever there is grass).
  • Vertical Banner Stands: Simple and easy to put together, these are very lightweight.
  • X-Banner Stands: These are also light weight.
  • A-Frame Banner Stand: Another kind is a folding kind, like a tent. This could be placed on the sidewalk or in your parking lot. This could also be set up vertically on its short end.
  • A-Frame Street Sign: These are a little smaller in size and look similar to sandwich boards.
  • Self-standing Banner: Other banners can be printed and inserted into a banner stand cartridge. These are easy to carry and take to different places.
  • Hanging Banners: Others you simply hang on the side of your church either vertically or horizontally. You would have to make sure you can nail into the surface of your wall or if you will need a different type of hook. There are also available light pole kits to hang your banners on a street pole.

Next question to ask is what kind of material to get. The best kinds to purchase are the church vinyl banners. These are weatherproof and sturdy.

13Where to set up your religious banner stands:

You could use the banner anywhere:

  • Indoors:
    • In your church. Easy enough, just place it inside your door.
    • At a conference. Are you one of the exhibitors? Use your banner at your table. You can purchase one that stands up or one that sits on the table.
  • Outdoors:
    • In your parking lot. Standing right outside your church, the banner will greet your visitors as they park your car. It will also give a friendly wave to passing pedestrians and drivers as they drive down your street.
    • At your outreach events. If you go downtown to feed the homeless or if you are hosting a children’s summer carnival, you can set up your banner at the entrance or nearby your event.
    • Soon visitors will see and begin to recognize your church vinyl banner anywhere
    • you go. Their first impression of you will soon lead to them getting to know you and
    • becoming part of your family!