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The Sign Says: “Here We Are!” Whether you’re advertising your roadside business or taking your show on the road, you need inexpensive signs. You need signs that say to your prospective clientele that you are right where they want to be so that they to pay you a visit that pays off. But while you want something effective to do the job well, don’t make the mistake of overdoing it. All the sign needs to do is look good is say where you are. So what is the clincher here?

1The Sign Must Be Seen, So It Better Be Standing! Church Banners, and the stands that come with them are the essential elements for success. They are simple and sturdy and will last past the season. How many sales will drive right past if your sign falls over? How long will you keep your focus at a show if your sign keeps caving in on its cheap stand?

Simple, Sturdy Church Banners do What Signs are Supposed to Do. They signal where to go-past the sign-to your product. Most people think they need to spend a lot of money to out-do their competition and will spend a lot on a fancy sign. Graphics are important, but a sign shouldn’t distract them from seeking to get to you. The purpose of the banner is to get people to go see what the banner steers them to-you, your service, or your product.

A Brief Church Banner History. Church Banners, in the literal sense, are set up on Sunday mornings and then taken down. So many church services take place in public buildings that are used for other things during the week, so permanent signage isn’t an option. Mounting temporary signs on utility poles in usually illegal. Church banners were designed to meet advertising needs without breaking sing ordinances.

Church Banners Have the Features Your Business Needs. Since church banners and stands are considered mobile and are easily removable, no special permits are required to put them up for advertising by the road. And at a show, the sturdy banner and stand set won’t fall over. They can be collapsed and stored in a small space, and can be carried in a car, set up and taken down by one person and in a short amount of time. Many banners are retractable right into their stands.

16Buying Your Church Banners. Google Church Banners and Stands and countless options appear at your fingertips. Many better vendors can also be contacted by phone. It is advantageous to be able to have a live conversation with a representative, especially if you are having the signage on the banners made by the same vendor. Do be prepared for a lead time of weeks to months for signs to be made.

Don’t Overspend. $200 will get you access to many size and shape options for your church banners, including durable outdoor banners. Unless your needs are especially unique it doesn’t pay to spend more.

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